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Cultural Experience / Theater April 14, 2017

The Jungle Book

You can experience one of our favorite Hungarian theater groups in The Jungle Book this April, in San Diego. This performance is subtitled in English, so you will enjoy it in both languages. They have two performances on April 30th, the first one is at 12 pm, the second one is at 5pm. There will […]

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Festival February 12, 2017

Spring Festival Budapest 2017

The Spring Festival in Budapest is a prestigious music festival that offers a variety of genre, like jazz, opera, world music, dance, theater, and classical music. The events take place at several venues around the city. This year the festival goes on between March 31st and April 23rd. This year’s notable performers and performances are […]

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Cultural Experience February 9, 2017

Hun Archers in Florida – a Unique Experience

Have you heard that there’s a unique group of Hun Archers around the Saratoga, FL area, that practice the ancient way of archery? The group’s vision is to preserve the hunting and fighting heritage of ancient Hungarians. Similar to the Huns that conquered Asia and parts of Europe, ancient Hungarians in the 5th- 10th centuries […]

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Cultural Experience February 4, 2017

Hungarian Birthright

Are you ready to find your inner Hungarian in the summer of 2018? Do you want to learn about your heritage in a meaningful, unique and exciting way? Do you long to be a part of something bigger than yourself? If so, ReConnect Hungary, the only Hungarian birthright program is for you! Join other young […]

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