Hungarian-American Cultural Heritage
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About Us

As Hungarians living in Colorado, in 2014 we decided to create an organization based on our wish to promote Hungarian culture and traditions in North America.


This way, Hungarians living in America will have a chance to get to know the history and traditions of Hungary. This is why we decided to establish Hungaricus, a Hungarian-American Cultural Heritage society.


Our non-profit was established in 2016. The name Hungaricus relates to our mission, which is to strengthen relationships between North America and the Carpathian basin, and move the integration of the geographical parts separated by the Trianon Treaty of historic Hungary forward. We believe that our activities will bring a positive view to Hungarians, and their friends, relatives living spread apart in the USA and Canada.


Kanta (Kh. Felsőbánya)

Our Mission


Our missions are to spread Hungarian culture and values to second and third generation Hungarian young people living in North America, and also for them to understand and accept their heritage. By this, they should be better able to understand Hungarian traditions and would be able to get a truer picture of modern day Hungary. One of our goals is also to provide help to parents to teach their children the Hungarian language. We are planning to do this by organizing summer camps, arts and crafts get togethers, scout events, etc...

We also aim to spread knowledge about famous people of American-Hungarian heritage (Ágoston Haraszthy, János Xantus, József Galambos ), and how they influenced their communities.

Contact Us

If you're interested in one of our upcoming events, or you would like to invite us to participate at one of yours, please, let us know.