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Hungarian shepherd in traditional outfit
Shepherd in traditional outfit

Our Programs

Our foundation organize traditionalist community programs, exhibitions, and as well as travels, programs, camps onto areas of the historical Hungary, present the traditional Hungarian culture, show the educational films about Hungarian history and culture, publish and present the publications, books among American Hungarians. We popularize the continually widening camp of the hungaricums organizing Hungarian fairs (artisan merchandises, village-hospitality, Hungarian wines, peasant culture). Collaborating and participating in the traditional American programs are also emphasized importance for us beside the Hungarian community programs.


Our first large-scale exhibition will be visible in 2018 on Denver National Western Stock Show where we make the visitors acquainted with the Hungarian herdsman culture and the indigenous Hungarian animal breeds.



Pálinka is the alcoholic drink made only from fruit or pomace grown in Hungary and some parts of Austria. By law, no additional ingredients are acceptable, except pure water. Really good pálinka is smooth and fruity and has an alcohol content of around 40%. There are hundreds of types of Pálinka, using many different fruits. the best distilleries are Agárdi, Gyulai, Zwack, Brill, Márton és lányai, Panyolai, Tarpai, Bestillo.

Goulash soup
In the past goulash was made by the shepherds of the plains. It was a rich and filling food they needed to last them through their hard working day. Real Hungarian goulash is made from potato, beef (preferably grey cattle), paprika, spices and sometimes Hungarian gnocchi too. It is made like a soup, but in the end it's more like a stew.

Wines of Tokaj
Tokaji Aszú is the name of the wine from the historical wine region of Tokaj-Hegyalja in the northeastern part of Hungary. The region is noted for its sweet wines, made from grapes affected by so-called noble rot. Tokaji Aszú is a world-famous dessert wine from Hungary, also called the "king of wines, wine of kings", and sure enough, the greatest kings and queens of Europe really did commission this unique drink back in History. Tokaji is the only wine in the world that is mentioned in its nation's national anthem.

For a complete list of Hungaricums by category, we recommend you visit this website .


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